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What is Cognos?

What is Cognos? Cognos is the leading supplier of business intelligence solutions that optimize the efficiency of the world’s most successful and largest organizations. Business intelligence is a category of technologies and applications for assembling, analyzing, storing, reporting on, and giving access to data to facilitate enterprise users take superior business decisions. It’s the prime developer of business intelligence software. They are biggest dealer of tools of business intelligence globally, and the company name is acknowledged as a leader in the field of BI reporting. This BI tool constantly adds direct context to business-driving details, supporting decisions and building enterprises further agile. It contributes to more than 17,000 clients in 120 countries worldwide.

What is Cognos – The Beginning

This firm was established in the late ’60s in Ontario but is currently part of the IBM group, as it was acquired by IBM in 2008 and is now part of their company analytics division. Although the firm presents an entire collection of business intelligence reporting tools and software, their brand has become tantamount with Online Analytical Processing, (OLAP). BI tools are employed in several organizations and for various tasks including segmenting and profiling of clientele, investigating customers’ profitability and their lifetime worth, observing customers’ withdrawals and loyalty,  examination of  customers’ maintenance, identify frauds if any,  discovering similarities,  verifying significance of parameters,  carrying out cross sales and assessment of marketing campaigns.

Cognos-reporting can perform multiple functions such as analyze expenditures all through the organization, track profitability of the products in a company’s portfolio, monitor business environments and determine business frauds and anomalies. This tool remains at the performance management software suite of business intelligence with IBM. The software is designed to allow business users with no technical knowledge to take out company data assemble it and analyze reports. For the solution, possibly a consultant would be assigned to your organization to carry out an investigation of your existing operational systems and to find out the most efficient execution of an intelligence analysis system.

What is Cognos – Additional Points

Since it is built on open standards, the software products can be utilized with multidimensional and relational data sources from several vendors, including NCR Teradata, Microsoft and others. The latest BI suite’s capabilities comprise activities of analyzing, reporting, scorecards and dash boarding, delivered through a web based Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Besides IBM offers Cognos Express, designed for small to average sized companies. The Express version allows companies to use the functions of Cognos 8 BI, while also adding forecasting, budgeting and planning functions. IBM’s merchandise of this reporting tool has been employed by above 23,000 companies worldwide as well as is constantly ranked in the “leaders” category of Gartner Magic Quadrants for Business Intelligence.

What is Cognos? Like its competitors it will always be faced with the need to bend with changing times and to continue existing. Since it has successfully faced similar challenges in the past, there is rationale to expect that it will maintain to do so in the foreseeable future. The high technology business is unpredictable and subject to continuous and impulsive changes.