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Cognos Training – Steps to Certification

Cognos Training has become important since it is the software used by Universities for Budget Preparation. It is a spreadsheet based product used for preparing the “new year” budget for insertion into Banner. It also has a reporting feature that provides daily reconciliation reports in an excel format under the “Reports Folder”.

Cognos is a suite of business intelligence and performance management software, geared towards business owners who lack technical knowledge. It is designed to meet all business intelligence needs like reports, dashboards, scorecards, analysis and planning. Users can extract business information, analyze the data and assemble reports. This requires immediate attention towards making the employees undergo Cognos Training. Emphasis is placed on being sophisticated enough to serve the needs of the large corporation but easy and simple enough to use for the small business owner.

Cognos Training – The History

Initially founded in 1969, Cognos was a Canadian consulting company, which shifted its focus to software sales in the 1980s. As growth slowed in the 1990s and the price of Cognos’ stock fell, the company began to build technology through acquisition and not through internal research and development. IBM acquired Cognos on January 31, 2008.

Cognos 8 BI was launched in September of 2005. Products within the suite include Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Metric Studio, Metric Designer, Event Studio, Framework manager, and Power Play Studio. In 2009, Cognos Express was released with an eye towards catering to small to mid-size businesses. Cognos 10 allows real time intelligence through the addition of mobile capability. Users can access the complete version of Cognos via mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet PCs.

The Cognos suite serves the needs of all users throughout the business. Dash boarding takes into account the fact that users work in their own unique ways. Users can personalize and interact with content that works with the way they make decisions. There are multiple functionalities which required the professionals to undergo Cognos Training. Cognos’ statistics software is run by IBM SPSS Statistics Engine. The time it takes to analyze data is significantly reduced. The query and reporting capabilities allows Cognos to work for anyone from the professional to the regular business user.

IBM provides a full curriculum for training and certification in Cognos 8 and 10. There are various programs specific to different job roles, including a professional author, business author, developer, project manager, administrator and consumer. IBM’s training is the only authorized accreditation program; however, there are many companies online that offer Cognos training.

There are several benefits once you undergo Cognos training. Businesses will see increased productivity. Proper training will ensure that employees are making the best use of the sources available to them through Cognos. Increased productivity means reduced costs through employees making more efficient use of their time and using their Cognos training to its full potential. This training will also reduce costs through other means. Employee expertise will mean that the company does not have to rely on an IT department, freeing up IT personnel for other projects. If a company is outsourcing IT support, the business will no longer need IT services for Cognos.